Simple and Easy Tips to Control Anger in a Relationship!!

Anger is triggered when a person is emotionally hurt and is a basic human emotion that everyone one us experiences. It is an unpleasant feeling that occurs when a person is mistreated, opposed, injured, or has her own views on different things.presenting you the best Tips to Control Anger in a Relationship. Thank us Later.

According to psychology, Anger is a completely normal and healthy human emotion if it’s under control.

If anger of a person goes out of control then it becomes destructive and causes problems in a persons life. It leads to self-destruction, spoils your relationship, causes problems at work, and others.

So what is the cause of Anger?

You might be angry on a person, event, or other personal problems. It is caused by both internal and external events. Even past memories can trigger anger in a person.

These days the most common cause of anger is event, it might be traffic jam or a canceled plan.

How does the body react to Anger?

People in general think Anger makes your “blood boil” or eyes “red”. But that’s not true.

When a person is angry the muscles become tense, blood pressure rises, adrenaline pour into the bloodstream, heart pumps faster, and blood flow increases. Your body generates more energy to take action.

What if you do not control your anger?

It can cause personal problems and spoil your happy relationship, serious health problems, and violent behavior which leads to crime-abuse.

Anger sometimes in some cases help you achieve your goals by firing up the senses.

Anger is also a valuable signal as it lets us know if something is going wrong.

Every relationship must have ups and downs, but anger can make your relationship with a person worse. Normally people start blame-game in relationship and go negative in a conversation “in” anger.

Jealously is the biggest source of anger in relationships. Its a mixture of insecurity, fear, and anger. Hate is also a source of anger. When you dislike a person or anger turning towards someone.

Gossip, keeping secrets, competitiveness, teasing and name calling, and balancing time between friends and dating partners, leads to anger in friendships.

Anger in relationships triggers when your partner doesn’t call or doesn’t take your call, ignore of text messages, partner talking to another girl, and catching your partner with someone in compromisable situation.

In relationships, anger can hurt others persons feelings, can turn into domestic violence, you lose your respect when angry.

To address these anger problems, we at GirlsXP will tell How to Control Anger in a Relationship

1. While angry, attempt to see things from other person’s perspective

Before you bust out your anger on a person, make an attempt to see things from other person’s perspective. This will help think and react accordingly. Yelling or shouting at each other will not help your relationship. It will make it even worse. It is very important to understand your partners perspective and why is he/she angry.

2. Recognize your body’s reactions to anger

It is very important to recognize your body’s reactions to anger. Women tend to speak a lot in anger than men. Women engage a lot in conversation thinking to come to a conclusion. While angry it is better not to have a conversation.

3. Learn stress management techniques and relaxation skills

If you get anger a lot than expected you should learn how to manage your stress and personal life. Physical activities can help you reduce stress. Go for a walk instead when you are angry.

4. Express your true feelings to your partner

Anger in no way will improve your relationship. Instead, express your feelings with clarity to your partner without hurting others. Do not confront the other person in anger.

5. The key to anger reduction is “knowing yourself”

Women at work trying to think that a specific task can be completed at home and get work at home, inside their bedroom. Instead of a romantic night, you complete your tasks. Complete all your important jobs before they become urgent.

Most people remember 20% of what they hear, understand this fact to reduce your anger. Remember, you cannot change others as easily as you can change yourself.

When you are angry and upset try 1-2-3 TURTLE

1- Go inside your shell and think before you act. Take a “Time Out”.

2- Take 3 Deep Breaths, time to relax and calm yourself down.

3- Walk Away and think of a good solution.

Anger is on letter short of D.A.N.G.E.R!

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