6 Habits That Makes You A Classy Woman

classy women
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She is effortless, she is classy, and she is a lady. We all know the charm a lady leaves lingering on everyone wherever she goes. The importance of being a lady is clearly visible in the saying that “The more you act like a lady, the more he will act like a gentleman”.

When you take birth as a girl that gives you a wonderful opportunity to transform into someone who can take the world with a stride, who can convey the power being a delicate creature oozing with love having a mountain like willpower. But it is quite a process for a girl to transform into a lady, a classy woman. Yes, we know that being a charmer is in the blood of all of us but is there any harm if we follow some basic and widely accepted mannerism to turn into one helluva girl?

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Here we bring you the universal etiquette which are surely going to make you classy women and people will definitely say

“Have you met her? She is such a lovely lady!” 

1. Be You !

Classy women
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We cannot stress it more. You are you, the unique you. Follow the trends which suits your personality as whole not because that skinny model wore it on the ramp of that prestigious fashion show and you have to chase the winds. Develop your own sense of style and get comfortable in your own skin. Wear your confidence daily. It is sexy.

2. Distance yourself from gossips

Yeah Gossip girl might have been your favorite show in your teens but when it comes to handling real life situations, gossiping makes your life messier and reflects the cracks in your character. A lady doesn’t need to air someone else’s laundry.

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3. Read, Read and Read some more.

Nothing is better than holding on a great conversation. Having firm opinions on varied topics portray the awareness you possess and establish your image as someone having the confidence of voicing her opinions without having second thoughts. Invest your time in some great books and read some great works. Remember beauty can be entertaining but intelligence is lethal.

4. Watch Your drinks

It’s easy to lose the count when clubbing with your BFFs but the clumsiness quotient increases when someone has to give you shoulder when you walk. Drink but drink in the moderation so that you can carry yourself with grace afterwards.

5. Take care of your self-esteem

Your self-esteem can open the doors of unknown for you. Take care of your thoughts when you talk to yourself. Don’t let anyone run over your self-respect. Embrace your shortcomings and march with your head held high.

6. Be Elegant and Confident

classy women
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It’s very simple, you just have to be Elegant, Confident, poised, kind, courageous, gracious and Unstoppable YOU! That’s IT. Do I need to say more?

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