Top 10 Movies Every Girl Must Watch At least Once

movies every girl must watch


We all like to break away from reality sometimes and get a dose of the world of rainbows and unicorns. Surprisingly, movies take us there and make us experience a surreal world which is the perfect get away, Be it with your closest girls or all by yourself, there are some movies that every girl must watch. Some films make us feel enlightened and some make us cherish the little details. With all things sassy, truckloads of wackiness and full of excitement, this top 10 list is legit.

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10. Crazy Stupid Love

One sole reason to watch this movie is Ryan Gosling! When he takes a bite of that Pizza, there’s no reason a woman wouldn’t want to replace herself with that slice. God! He’s too yummy.

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
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9. Mean Girls

This movie makes you relive High School all over again. A classic example of how Karma can be a bitch, the plot of this movie can get you in a serious laughter riot.

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
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8. Pretty Woman

For all those feel-good days, Pretty Woman is a perfect escape. With Julia Roberts giving us serious goals and Richard Gere looking like a piece of heaven, you cannot miss this one.

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
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7. 10 Things I Hate About You

Want to fall in love with Heath Ledger? I’m guessing its a yes because this movie will give you exactly that. Really wish that guys like that existed. From an adorable plot to a subtle star cast, this movie is a classic fix.

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
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6. Miss Congeniality

Strong, powerful, intelligent and beautiful, Sandra Bullock in on fleek with this movie. The crazy storyline deals with an FBI Agent on an undercover mission who runs in a pageant. Isn’t that downright bonkers?

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
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5. The Notebook

If you haven’t seen this movie on repeat then you’ve seriously missed out on life. As romantic as the stars and the moon, this movie makes you live the fairytale. And there’s always Ryan Gosling to dote on!

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
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4. How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days

You might’ve heard about loosing weight but guys? Never!
Ben: You’re already falling in love with me.
Andie: I’m gonna make you wish you were dead.
And that’s how the greatest chick flick is born!

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
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3.  Pitch Perfect

Rebel Wilson, enough said! This woman is an inspiration to watch. Pitch Perfect deals with some deadly competition and how girl power conquers it all.

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
©Gold Circle Films

2. Bridesmaids

A jolly fun ride, this movie is hilarious. A perfect answer to your sleepover parties, this movie will leave you in fits!

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
©Apatow Productions

1. Sex And The City

This tops the list without fail. A perfect example of the sinful life, gossip sessions and epitomizing the beauty in freedom and independence, this film takes the crown!

Movies Every Girl Must Watch
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