Why Are Men So Confusing? Mystery Solved!

why are men so confusing

Dear Girls, Often than not, we face situations that leave us in a perplexed state. We are unable to comprehend what does men actually want. We are unable to look through a man and hence, cannot decipher his words and actions. We feel that men are confusing. Indeed true. Men are undeniably confusing and they leave us in a state of perplexity.

Despite all these things, there are ways in which you can understand a few things about men that are often considered as confusing. Men have their reasons for their actions and below mentioned is every girl’s guide to the question, Why are men so confusing? By looking at their gestures and actions, you can analyze their habits and interpret them to understand your guy better.

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Below mentioned are some of the most “confusing” things boys do that actually have a meaning associated to it:

1. He Stares Without Asking You Out

There are times when you see a guy who stares at you, but would not come to you and ask you out. And you wonder, why are boys so confusing? There’s no point spending hours obsessing over what it could possibly mean because chances are that the guy staring is not even a tad bit interested in dating you.

Men tend to look at pretty things, if he’s staring at you, it means he finds you attractive. And just because you’re beautiful doesn’t mean that he wants to be in a relationship with you. Those stares don’t necessarily mean as much as you’d hope.

2. He Makes Fake Promises

Men claim they’ll call you because they think that’s something that will make you happy, and that’s why they say that to you. And later, it slips off their mind because for him talking isn’t as important as it is to you.

So, if a guy assures he’s going to call, he’s probably just saying it to keep you happy.

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3. He Sends Mixed Signals

His human switch is either On or Off.  He flirst with you one day, and then ignores you the next, and again does the same thing. You are confused what he wants from you. He’s not sure if he wants to be with you or not.

Perhaps, it is because he just doesn’t want to settle for anything less than the best. There are so many opinions out there and he doesn’t want to make the wrong choice.

4. His Texting Habits

He texts you Good morning and Goodnight everyday? He finds time to reply to your texts, though late at times? Yes? He likes you.

If he doesn’t reply to your messages, even after you’ve sent multiple in a row and have waited for days, then it’s clear, he’s not interested in you. Men are confusing but not as much as you think.

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5. He Can’t Express In Words

As they say, “Actions speak louder than words”. The same holds true for men. They are unable to express emotions.

There are times he would do things for you but not be able to express through words.  It is because men aren’t encouraged to express themselves in the same way as women are.

6. He Refuses To Commit

Some men will ask you out, kiss you, perhaps even sleep with you, but won’t date you. He won’t meet your parents because he wants all the perks of being your boyfriend with none of the negatives.

Men are like that; Men are confusing. Commitment issues may just scare him, and he may not understand a way out of it.  But not all men are scared of relationships, some do want to commit, if they are ready for a relationship.

So, now that you are aware of the the analysis behind his confusing habits, you’d be able to understand him better.

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