10 Candid Things Only Brothers & Sisters Can Relate To

brother and sister love

We, undeniably, share an extraordinary bond with our siblings. They are the ones who know each and every thing about you. Right from knowing your favorite brand of jeans to where you hide your chocolates, they know it all. From being your partner in crime to saving you from scolding, from teasing you in front of your friends to guarding and supporting you when needed, they have done it all.  And still do it all!

“There’s No Buddy Like a Brother and No Support Like A Sister”

None apart from them will know the reason of reacting in a certain way when something happens. Those bang on-time eye contacts and smirks, the synchronized High-fives and of course, the weirdest of dance moves, brothers and sisters know so many things about each other. And no one apart from them can ever understand why they do what they do.

So, here’s presenting few absolutely candid things only brothers and sisters can relate to and boggle their head around:

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1. The childhood fights and arguments just don’t seem to end. They actually never end. Your siblings just don’t get over them and won’t let you either. They will remind you of it time and again.  After all “Ye Bramhastra Hai!”

2. Unlike two sisters or two brothers, you never have to fight over clothes. But, sometimes sisters do wear brothers clothes at home, well, that’s a different deal altogether. They don’t fight over clothes. Usually, Of course!

3. Always had to hide your favorite food at a spot where they cannot find it, especially chocolates. And tada! There was no such spot that existed. They always manage to find it, steal eat and eat it. And yes, that happens pretty often!

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4. Holidays and trips are always fun if you have siblings around. You never get bored with them around or else either one of you will come up with some random made up game to cut out the boredom. Or you would just fight! Fights ain’t boring!

5. When times are tough, you guys always stick by. Always are on the same team, supporting one another. Advising each other to make right decisions and be safe. And also, not to forget partners in every crime!
6. You and your sibling have a special kind or language or some gestures which only you understand. Any outsider or even insider, for that matter, is unable to decipher the meaning of your secret code language. Sometimes, even you yourselves don’t understand!

7. Getting ready in the morning for work or school becomes so difficult if you have one washroom to share and if unfortunately, you have to leave together, it gets on your nerve to get the lazy one in the washroom. Which happens often!

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8. The love and bond that you share with your sibling is one of a kind, it’s devilishly pure. You can never love and feel the same way for anyone else be it your family or friends. You never want to even try. Hell yeah!

9. You can share anything and everything with them without the fear of being judged. Things you can never say to anyone else. Because you surely know they will stand with you, by you and beside you. So True!
10. Memories that we make with them are so precious. The jokes that we cracked, people we used to sometimes tease, times we laughed our hearts out on something so stupid, all these things make such beautiful memories in our minds and leave a lasting impression in our hearts.  

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