8 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Girl Best Friend

Best Friend
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When Shahrukh Khan said ,” Pyaar dosti hai.. !! Agar woh meri sabse achi dost nahi ho sakti toh mujhe usse pyaar kabhi ho hi nahi sakta..!”, he took millions of hearts away and led many people to reevaluate their present relationships. Yes, thinking about dating your best friend can be intimidating and you will be scared that you will jeopardize your friendship but have you ever thought that way that what is better than a person who knows you inside out and has given you all the support you ever needed?

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Yes, it can be difficult but it can be awesome too. Here we give you some great reasons why should you consider dating your girl best friend to find that long yearned connection.

1. There will be no knowing each other period

Best Friend
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She already knows your favorite dish, your favorite color, your favorite movie and your favorite band. She will also be aware of your not so good taste in clothes and would not judge you when you show up like a total idiot. You know why? Because she is your best friend.

2. There will be no family first meetings to make you uncomfortable

Best Friend
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Chances are that she is already a favorite of your mom and dad. You will be saved from lot of pain as meeting family can be stressful because half of the time you are worried that what kind of question would pop up in the conversation. But you will be all at ease because of the comfort level she has with them.

3. She will be knowing all your past relationships

Best Friend
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And the possibility is she might have helped to get over that girl who broke your heart. She would be knowing how you feel when your crush turned you down and that girl you met at the bar? She would know it all and you are safe from the mess of explaining it all over again.

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4. You will already have your interests aligned

Best Friend
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You both like cricket, you both love Sherlock, You both are foodie. What else you need to tick that compatibility factor?

5. She would know all your lows and highs

Best Friend
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Because probably she has been the last resort where you would have find solace in that difficult situation of your life. She would be aware of exactly what makes you happy and would go out of her way to do that for you. And she also know how you like to celebrate success of yours. All in all she knows you inside out.

6. You will not have that honeymoon period 

Best Friend
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You are already at a comfort level where this completely smitten by each other period doesn’t come into picture. You will have stable and steady emotions and you will not throw the unreal expectations.

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7. She will be aware of your life goals

Best Friend
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She knows when you want to get married, she knows if you want to have kids or not at all, she knows what your career goals are. You don’t need to take the pain of explaining them again and all together. Beyond that cute love and first dates your relationship will be standing at loyalty and trust.

8. She will be your support system

Best Friend
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She will pick you up whenever you fall flat because she has already done it so many times. You can have it all in one package: friendship and romance.

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You just need to take  little risk of asking her out and you will surprised to see that how this girl can turn the world around for you.