7 Hair Color Ideas To Nail in 2017

hair color ideas

We, women, love having our hair on point and with so much experimentation happening with new trends, our hair color must keep up too. You can choose to play it safe or take out your wacky side with some dramatic hair colors.

“To help you decide, we have 7 ideas that shall surely inspire you to head to the nearest salon and do something revolutionary to your hair!”

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1. The Cinnamon Swirl Hair

As delicious as this sounds, cinnamon swirl hair are a fantastic option to try this year. It’s not too bold but has the right amount of spunk to add that edge to your look.

hair color ideas

2. Balayage 

This trend has been in the game since the 60s and is catching up back again! It is one of the easiest trends to pull off and works with all skin tones and hair lengths. So get yourself a balayage right away!

hair color ideas

3. Dip Dyed 

This trend was quiet the buzz last year and has maintained the momentum this year too. Dip Dying is such a fun way to add some quirky details to your outlook and be the diva that you’re meant to be.

hair color ideas

4. The Rainbow Effect 

This is the newest trick in the book! Nobody would even know about you having a secret party with colours in your hair until you flip and turn it. It’s sassy and so adorable!

hair color ideas

5. Ombré

Another hit from last season that has decided to stay and please us with its presence! Ombré is a favorite among young girls with quirky variants. It’s a must-try at least once.


6. Pastels

This hair trend might not be everyone’s cup of tea but a few daring ones can really go for it. Greys, pinks, blues-loving the variety on this one, already!

hair color ideas

7. Deep Reds

After Katrina Kaif in Fitoor, it’s your turn to tame the red in your soul. Go for deep mahoganies and reds and add a spark to your mundane hair.

hair color ideas

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