7 Things To Know Before You Move In With Your Boyfriend

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Are you stepping into that life altering, thrilling and exciting moment in your life where you and your significant other are about to take things to the next level? Well, congratulations on finally coming to the thought to move in with your boyfriend. You have every right to be this exuberant. Moving in with your boyfriend is huge and while your mind contemplates between the pros and cons of this decision, let me tell you a few things before you make that choice.

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Wondering what to do? Find out below What are the 7 things to know before you move in with your boyfriend

1. Be prepared for some unhygienic conditions 

Men tend to be a little lousy and laid-back when it comes to cleanliness. You might find dirty underwear and week old clothes stuffed in remote corners of the house. If you prefer spic and span surroundings, you might want to up your patience game.

move in with boyfriend


2. Do not be afraid to set some ground rules

It’s always a good idea to decide before hand who’s going to do the dishes or buy grocery every week. This will save up so much time that you’d otherwise invest in fighting over it.

move in with boyfriend


3. There will be a boys’ night every once in a while

I can vouch for this one! Some beer, the PlayStation and your man’s gang can turn out to be a lethal melange of entities. Boys will definitely like to chill together and you’d sometimes have to pick another day for that relaxing evening by yourself.


4. There will be some scolding 

Yes, you’ll be treating your man like a child sometimes asking him to put down the toilet seat or picking up wet towels from the bed. It’s all part of the plan!


5. Say goodbye to sex 

Oh no! Not entirely. You wouldn’t want to indulge in it like you did before, probably hoping for hitting a home run thrice on every night. But this farewell is only a quantitative one. The lesser you get, the better it gets. If you know what I mean.


6. Farting 

Okay! This is going to happen around a lot! Boys don’t really care if you’re around or not. They won’t think twice before letting out a sigh of relief and you’re just going to laugh it off on multiple occasions.

move in with boyfriend


7. Money issues

No matter how much you plan, there will always be some money problems to deal with. Monthly budgeting, billing responsibility, splitting of expenditure, these will all be questions of top most priority!

move in with boyfriend


Did I just scare you? Oh boy! Don’t fret it. Love is beautiful and so will this giant step be. Yes, it has a grubby side to it but that doesn’t compare to all the fun you two are going to have with each other! Ready, set, MOVE IN!

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