7 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep Better

We often neglect the beauty of the nature, the benefits and the miracles it offers. Nature does wonders to us and for our health. Digging deep into the plants and their benefits, there are some plants that help us sleep better and contribute towards better and peaceful sleeping habits. Many of us have troubles in sleeping or can’t have a happy sleep because of stress or issues of not being able to have a calm mind to dose off.

Here is a list of plants that will help you
give a peaceful sleep

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1. Jasmine Plant

Jasmine plant is one beautiful plant whose smell has been shown to improve the quality of sleep. It has been proved that Jasmine plant increases alertness and productivity. It also reduces the levels of anxiety and leads it a great quality of sleep.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that reproduces easily, doesn’t need too much of sunlight and watering. This plant emits oxygen at night and can help you combat insomnia along with improved overall sleep quality.

3. Snake Plant

Snake plant also emits oxygen in the night while you’ve dozed off. It takes in carbon dioxide from the air within the room and also filters nasty household toxins from the air.

source: seedlingsindia.com
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4. Lavender Plant

Lavender is a plant already known for its quality of sleep inducing aromas and reducing anxiety. The Lavender smell slows the heart rate, helps you cut down the levels of stress and lower blood pressure.

5. English Ivy

English Ivy requires little sunlight and is very simple to grow. It is beneficial for those having problems with breathing, allergies and asthma. It helps to purify the air and help you sleep better.  English Ivy is a trailing plant so it should be kept at tall heights, on the tall shelves or should be hanging in the baskets.




source: doctorscotthealth.com

6. Peace Lily

This is an extremely beautiful plant and a treat to the eyes. Not only is this plant pleasing to the eye, it is helpful in filtering harmful toxins from the air. This plant helps relieve irritating dry noses and throats by suppressing the airborne microbes which lead to the allergies.

source: tipsplants.com


7. Spider Plant

A spider plant is a true fighter; let’s not confuse it with snake plant. This plant is an excellent air cleanser and absorbs odors, fumes from the air improving the air quality for you and your family. It is shown that Spider plant removes cancer causing chemicals from the air.

source: gardenloversclub.com

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Spread the word. Help your friends and family sleep peacefully.

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