7 Things Only People In A Long Distance Relationship Will Relate To

Some people are of the view that long distance relationships are quite enticing whereas some hold the opinion that these are hard to be maintained. But the fact is that people are always afraid of going for a long distance relationship. They are of the view that being in a long distance relationship is similar to a sad affair. But, can anyone who has never been in a long distance relationship judge the same? No, of course! Couples who are engaged in this type of a relationship can only understand the troubles or the joy that can be felt from being in the same.

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Here are some of the things that people who are engaged in a long distance relationship will only be able to relate.

1. Almost all your conversations are about your plans

Long distance relationship
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You will not be able to deny this fact that most of the time you talk; it is about the future of the relationship that you two share. Whether everything will work out properly or not or you are committing any mistake or not etc. are always the part of your topic. Though at the time the stress of future annoys you it too helps in strengthening your relationship.

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2. Willing for dirty talk? Make Skype your friend

For long distance relationship, there is a lack of physical intimacy. Hence, virtual intimacy is what you can head with to retain the vibe in your relationship. Usually, couples in long distance relationship soothe their desire for dirty talk via Skype. Have you also tried out the same right? Now you can’t deny that. And the truth is, it’s fun! But do keep the trust factor in concern.

3. You both are indeed a professional when it is all about planning

Planning for you is nothing less than a child’s play. And the credit goes to your experience in planning meetings, trips, and also the time to come online. Now that you have become a great organizer, you can better know how to plan your dates and also future by giving priorities to essential affairs of life first.

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4. Your mobile phone and laptop plays the role of your girlfriend

Long distance relationship
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Though not literally, but people who are engaged in long distance relationships usually keep stuck with their gadgets irrespective of that hour long voice and video calls. You have surely been trolled by your friends for not turning up to their messages even despite being online. Didn’t you?

5. You usually get possessive and jealous about your partner

This jealousy is not about any materialistic or anything related to your career. It is about their surroundings- friends, and colleagues. When you find your partner being too much engaged with some people, you start doubting their association. And this gives birth to jealousy and possessiveness. Indeed, too much of the same is not good.

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6. Trust levelly develops

Now you might come up with the question if speaking just about possessiveness and jealousy. Yes, but this possessiveness boosts the trust level between you both, of course, if you do respect and retain that trust.  The trust that is built between two people engaged in a long distance relationship is unbreakable.

7. Friends try to hook you up with someone else as they forget you are committed

Long distance relationship
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This is funny as well as embarrassing. Your friends at times forget that you are committed and try hooking you up with some other person.

These are some of the things that you can easily relate to, but on an addition, it cannot be missed that for couples engaged in long distance relationships, “Goodbyes” are tough.

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