7 Makeup Habits You Need To Break

Bad habits are difficult to get rid of. Especially those that come with perks. Let me help you on how to get there! ;)

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Yeah. We are girls. We love makeup. We won’t ever have enough shades of lipsticks in our drawer. We will experiment. And, we love everything makeup. But, we all regret going wrong with our make-up routines. Most of us haven’t even found the perfect foundation to go with our skin! Today, let me tell you what you need to avoid to prevent your face from a make-up disaster!

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Here’re 7 Beauty Habits You Need To Break



Girls, I can understand. At times you might have slept a little extra, or were just to lazy or running late with something important. But, please please pretty please stop applying your foundation to dry skin! It makes your face flaky and fake. Its a bad habit. Let go.

Solution – Simply apply a small amount of sunscreen or primer. Step up your makeup routine.

2. Using the wrong shade of foundation


You might want to look fair since that is some weird expectation by the society for women. But, don’t give into it. Be confident with who you are. Love yourself and show off what you have. You are ‘YOU’ for a reason. Make it worth it. It also might spoil the photos taken with flash and you’re going to be tortured by your friends for pretty long!

Solution – Try going a shade darker than your skin tone. Match your skin tone with the colour of your face and not that of your hands! Makeup is all about perfection and precision! 

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3. Invest into a Lip Liner


Trust me ladies. You need it. Not only to help you define those lips more, but to make sure you don’t mess up with the dark shades of lipsticks you apply. They are beautiful, but it’s necessary to do it right!

4. Not doing the base right


Without doing the base right, you just might sweat off what you spent 30 minutes of your day in and also those very precious drops of your foundation which is not available in the market anymore. Also, your open pores might be exposed which don’t really look that appealing (yes they are visible!)

Solution – Use a primer. If you have a water base foundation, use a water based primer. If your foundation is silicone based, use a silicon based primer. Read the details well and know your skin type!

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Pandas are cute and I love them but you don’t need to be one.

Solution – Use a concealer. Instead of applying it throughout the dark circles make a triangle below and smudge it using a beauty blender gradually as you move towards your lower lashline. It will give your makeup a natural look which you long for. 

6. Contouring


Contouring is actually very simple. But we end up doing it in all the wrong places. And at times we just don’t realise. Its a habit you really need to let go. NOW. If you’re doing it, do it right.

Solution – Know where the light falls on your face, highlight it. Use a bronzer alongside in the right places and show off your beautiful features. If your’s are not that sharp, fake it with the help of contouring! 

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Being lazy is usually the reason for not allowing your skin to breathe. You sleep off at night without removing your make-up you had all day long. Your face has dust all over it whether you spot it or not. With your hectic schedule and your intense need to look beautiful, you need to cut some slack for your face.

Solution – Remove your make up with a cleanser, make-up remover or coconut oil. Wash your face. Apply aloe vera gel all over it and finally, go take that beauty you sleep you deserve. 

Your skin is going to thank you for it! Let me know your views in the comment section. Hope it helped you! Have a great day 🙂