Baahubali 2 Becomes a Historical Block Buster – Breaks Collection Records

bahubali 2

Being on the roller coaster ride at the box office from the first show, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ has left all records broken and filmmakers awestruck with its phenomenal first weekend collections at the box office. . With a massive release getting over 9000 screens worldwide, with almost 6,500 screens in India alone, Baahubali 2 was all set to create records.

Baahubali 2 – First Day Collections (crosses 100 crore mark in day 1)

India – 121 crore
Worldwide – 217 crore gross

Baahubali 2 – Second Day Collections

India – 285 crore
Worldwide – 382 crore gross

Baahubali 2 – Third Day Collections

The sources reveal that the film has earned over 110 crores, making it a gross collection of over 345 crore in the first weekend

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Baahubali 2 Movie Review: The Mystery Solved

For about two years the nation has been urging to know, the curiosity increasing with each passing day: Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? Many viewers would probably have guessed the answer *wrong*, but considering that Baahubali 2 was made expressly to unfold this, we duly give it our time.

You shall be blown away by the sheer confidence and the conviction of the film-making, ignoring the risible bits and pieces. And it finished on a great hook, with THAT question which we got to take home, and which got us swarming into theaters brimming with excitement. Well, when was the last time a Telugu movie, dubbed in several languages included had the power into multiplexes around the world, pushing aside all competition? Never.

But what took our breath away in 2014 is same old, been here, seen most of it, in 2017. Yes, it is bigger. And it feels much louder. The background music is relentless, and the pitch at which the declamatory dialogues are being delivered is deafening: there were times when people where closing their ears.

The clash between warring princes Baahubali (Prabhas) and Bhallala (Rana Dagubatti) is the bee-hive around which the movie revolves. As we know from the first part, Baahubali is the good person, the rightful heir to the throne, and will do anything to save his kingdom from the evil Bhallala, come what may.

The magnificent queen Sivagaami (Ramya) is as commanding as she was in the first part, presiding over the fate of the two men, and the zealous princess Devsena (Anushka Shetty) plays an impactful role. Nassar’s wily old king is craftier, and Kattappa (Satyaraj), that faithful retainer who is forced into the terrible murder, is very much loyal at his service.

The battle scenes and the hand-to-hand combat are choreographed beautifully and with great energy do you sit up and watch with wide eyes. There are times when you’ll laugh out loud in appreciation at the sheer spectacle: thousands upon thousands of soldiers, a vista that fills the eye and more, and a hero cleaving through, his eye on the success.

And that brings me to Prabhas, the only one who doesn’t drown in familiarity in a story which doesn’t know when to stop. Prabhas is terrific as father and son as well. He’s as strong as a rock in Baahubali 2. He plays Baahubali, he of great strength, with as much verve and vigor as in the first part. Striding across the theatre, his dhoti, vest and armor all are in the right place; he comes across as an outstanding action hero, complete eye candy, and the biggest strength of the movie.

All the cinephiles should salute Rajamouli for his aim and vision. He once again gives us some of the best cinema experiences rolled into one. Of course it is CGI and VFX that keeps you grab your seat, but Baahubali also takes you on an emotional path. The romance between Devasena and Amarendra has the Titanic fervor. While the performances of the lead cast are all unbelievable.

Final Verdict: In whole, a MUST WATCH!