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How to peesafe and be safe

“Oh no! It stinks! I just can’t pee here” Sounds familiar?

Of all the problems a woman has to face in this whole wide world, that one thought at which we can feel our hearts flinch is to use public washrooms. I wonder why they even refer to them as ‘washrooms’ when there’s hardly a drop of water. Perhaps, the Government has a different definition for washrooms. One which neither can qualify as a room nor a place to wash. And for some who put up the boards as “Restrooms”, how exactly do they think one can take peace in such a pleasant aroma. PUN INTENDED!
Yet, for those unfortunate circumstances, when you somehow just cannot hold and peeing is the only choice, the attempt of making that weird half-standing posture makes it even difficult. Using public toilets is nothing less than a nightmare.
So, here’s a good news for all the girls on the World Health Day. PeeSafe, India’s best sanitary wipes have been introduced that make the experience smooth. Listen to these girls share their experiences of using PeeSafe and how they are no more scared of using public toilets.

Be Safe With PeeSafe