When It’s All Written, Love Just Becomes Magic

This might sound cliché but have you ever experienced the phrase- ‘May be it was just not our time’. Someone special quoted this to me and gave me a thought of -why it didn’t work out for him and his girl earlier but somehow things fell into place like a miracle as if it was all meant to be.

Throw back to complicated times, the young love was at the peak. He passed school and was ready to kill the college life with his dreams and goals and then life happened, he happened to meet someone in his crash course. The one month course gave him reasons to smile but later had he anticipated, the course had come to an end and both picked up different paths. First day college, guess what? Hardly had he anticipated but there she was, probably his face lit up with smile yet again.

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His heart raced and his lips shaped into a wide curve.

Soon had he known, he and his secret lady crush ended up in the same class and he just couldn’t ask for more. On the lines of friendship they grew stronger with each passing day, forgetting about their respective relationship problems they grew stronger.

He quoted again after a college trip, ‘I am in love.’ She smiled. It was certainly something she had never expected. She felt it for him strongly too.

How can someone get their love easily? Their respective past entered their life and made it impossible for both of them to express their feelings and move ahead together.

The end to a beautiful friendship, liking or probably love. Yet again.

The college days made it difficult for her to see his face every day, but she smiled through all the mess and taught herself to be happy just like he did.

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The stars shined yet again for them and both expressed how much they have been missing one another and how respectively, both had given up on their past. The friendship grew again and so did the love. This was just a beginning to an era of continuous fights and endless misunderstandings.

The series of arguments and pin pointing grew more and more, where both were counting less of the happy memories. By this time they had realized, he and she were different all together.

They were fire and ice, exploding every time they got back together. Even while playing the game of avoiding and being nonsensical immature kids, the love inside their hearts was still alive.

He teased her with his humor and wit and she wanted more and more each time he looked at her face.

All through these few years, they were helpless and in a constant egoistic zone. He turned into someone searching for other distractions while she was still coping with the memories he had given her.

A year passed, they grew mature and wise. They met at a party and nostalgia hit them hard. A series of smiling and drinking, both parted ways.

At night, she picked up her phone and without thinking even once texted him if she could meet him any sooner.  His heart filled with joy, as if he was just waiting for this very moment. This time, when they met, their hearts stopped and popped out of their chests.

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The text made all the difference and it broke all the chains. Now, they met quite often, texted all night and day like things never changed.

In all this time went by pretty fast, as and when they could realize, they were in love again. This time they understood it was real. They worked through the endless fights, arguments because this time, they were ready to take whatever was thrown at them. Initially they were scared but every time she used to freak out, he politely spoke in her ear,

‘Don’t freak out, it is for real this time. Whatever comes our way, I will handle it. I promise.’

And that day she realized, even after so many issues and situations that made their relationship worse didn’t matter anymore. They were in love.

Both of them still believe that all of this was written and destined to happen. Miracle? Certainly.

They couldn’t believe how their lives changed from, ‘We are just not meant to be.’ to ‘May be that was not our time but trust me this time it is.’She teased him almost every day, ‘If I hadn’t texted you that day we wouldn’t have…’

It is never too late. Listen to your heart and let the magic do its wonders.

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