7 Signs He’s Going To Be A Great Father

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We have somewhere down the line spoken about marriage and kids to our partners. The thought of the future and getting ahead in life might scare us initially but as and when things fall into place, we wait for these thoughts to one day become a reality. As girls, the thought of him being a good parents might often strangle our minds since if we are looking forward towards a future with our partner, we would want him to be a great husband and most importantly a great father.

Here is a list of signs that will tell you about him being a good father

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1. He doesn’t lose his cool easily

A person who is in control of his anger and emotions tops the chart of being a good father. He should be aware of his emotions and anger when it comes to small situations and even problems.

2. He takes care of your needs

The best part about him would be the way he takes care of you. He knows your needs and is up for things that you would want from him. If he is already selfless and wants you to achieve your goals and things that you need in life, after a kid he would be as generous as he has been before being a dad.

3. He helps you with the chores

If he is a helping hand in your chores and daily stuff, he would try and equally contribute towards being the best helping hand to you after having a baby.

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4. He is reliable

You can trust him with work and words both. You don’t have to give him constant reminders of what is to be done when you have asked him once to complete something. He is aware of his responsibilities.

5. He handles a situation well

When your partner doesn’t act like an immature boy but a mature, smart person who would invest their mind and heart in a handling a situation well. He would later teach your child the same and would handle whatever situation comes his way later in life.

6. He prioritizes

May be he is too busy with his work and is running on a busy schedule but always takes out time for you. If and when you fall sick or you would want to go shopping, he makes sure he is around you to stick by your side. He knows his priorities straight and is aware of your importance in his life. He would do whatever it takes to be around his kid and make the child most important part of his life.

7. He is understanding

When you flip out or moody, he is the person who understands your weirdness and your moods without judging you. He would try and understand your point of view and your emotions. When the little baby would enter your life, he would pay equal attention in listening and understanding their thought process.

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