5 Most Effective Ways To Stop Thinking About Your Ex

stop thinking of your ex
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It’s difficult to stop thinking of your ex boyfriend when you see him around your surroundings. Some people find it easy to forget over their ex and some the hardest.  Unless you experience break up you never know how hard or easy it will be to stop thinking of your ex. Who thought that the person you loved so much will hurt you ? Our heart gets ripped apart after break ups. What’s worse is staying friends with him after break up. Let it be very clear that you can’t be friends with him after being in relationship. So that should you do to get over your ex? His thoughts still creep into your mind?

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Use these 5 Most effective ways to stop thinking about your Ex

Use these suggestions and with a little effort, you’d be able to deal with it.

1. Hang out with friends you’ve forgotten when you were in relationship

You neglected all your friends for him but now its time you call up your friends and grab a few drinks, go on a holiday etc. Take your mind off your ex boyfriend by involving in friends circle.

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2. Why don’t you go to Gym?

Couples in relationship become complacent and don’t care about how their body looks or it doesn’t matter if it goes out of shape. Have you seen models/actresses hitting out in the gym hard after their break up? Yes that’s true Gym is the best to go and have fitness goals. Start working and it’s great motivation to get back in shape while boosting your self-esteem in the process.

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3. Don’t get your stuff back

Leave all stuff for him or ask your ex to box it up and send it to your new address. Ask your mutual friend to help you out and get your things instead of you going again to the apartment. It will avoid all the memories of your relationship to hit you all at once. It’s better if you don’t torture yourself with the stuff again. Just avoid it.

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4. Keep yourself busy

Try and keep yourself busy and do something for yourself. Work overtime and throw yourself into your work. Find a new hobby and start doing things you always thought of doing when you get into your 20s. As you stay busy days will turn into weeks and weeks into months and you’re ready to dating scene again. 

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5. Remember the no contact rule

Delete his number right now. They’re chances of you simply dialing other number and see his details and all of a sudden you remember all the memories you had with him. It’s better you delete the number and never try to contact him. Cut all the communication with friends who ask about him and remind you about relationship you had.

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