Watch This Amazing Video On ‘The Art of Seduction’

Watch This Amazing Video On 'The Art of Seduction'
Watch This Amazing Video On 'The Art of Seduction'
We, humans are indeed a collection of stories, the stories we tell, the stories we believe, and certainly the stories we choose to ignore. And so, Dr. Seema Anand in her elegant poise and sensuous voice has revisited some of these old forgotten lost stories with her Video on ‘The Art of Seduction’.
In the ancient times, the art of Seduction was given a high regard and hence was associated with divinity. Dr. Anand incorporates the facts brilliantly in her dialogue, “According to tantra i.e. high philosophy, sexual energy is the highest form of energy in the world. And to be able to harness it, is to generate the ultimate power.”
Listen to her talk TEDx event about the art of seduction and how the movement of the moon impacts a woman’s erogenous zones.


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