5 Ways to Get Rid Of Ugly Clothes People Gift You

ugly clothes
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Birthdays, anniversaries and other special celebratory days are supposed to be one of the most fun parts of your life unless you’re hitting your 30s and are still single and miserable! Personally, I am a fan of all the pre-birthday shopping, party planning, the surprises, the adrenaline rush and the constant anticipation of a good gift.

But, when your excitement falls into the ditch and your  ‘gift’ becomes a ‘return gift,’ that is a white flag moment. Now, what do you do with these piles of undesirable clothes?

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1.Collect them over the years and take them to H&M

Yes, you heard me! H&M takes old, dirty, used and torn clothes and gives you a 15% discount in return. You can shop to your heart’s content with a discount coupon in hand. Bring it on, filthy clothes! If your city does not have one, we have other alternative for you!

Image Source: H&M

2. Some easy DIY

You can always up-cycle these clothes and turn them into your own version of a designer piece. It’s easy to turn an oversized tee into a bandeau dress and tacky leggings into a quirky crop top!

Image Source: TheGloss

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3. Sell them online

This is possibly the most facile to do. Selling it online saves you loads of money and also closet space! All you need to do is post a picture online and hope that those clothes match someone’s taste. 

ugly clothes

4. Pass the gift to you no-so-favourite cousin

Revenge is best served cold or in this case ugly! Your cousin has always been a pain in the neck to you so you might as well pass her the ‘new’ dress you got. Furthermore, having your bad cousin sport a bad looking dress adds the cherry on top of the cake! 

ugly clothes

5. Donate Them

When the inner conscious in your soul rises, it is time to do some good deed. Just because you find these presents hideous doesn’t mean someone else will too. So move your lazy ass and give someone else the chance to love what you hate.

ugly clothes

Voila! Those were 5 easy tips to bid farewell to your woes. Maybe next time you prepare a ‘Gift List’ and pass it around? Just maybe?

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Do you have any embarrassing yet hilarious ‘gift’ stories to tell? Pop them in the comments below and give us a good laugh!