5 Things You Do That Make You An Amazing Girlfriend

Confused what men really want? We often come under their constant nagging of what they want from us and how we fail to impress them at times. Girls you obviously don’t have to change yourself for your man but these are a few listed things that we’ve noticed that have made men content and relaxed in the relationship. Go through the things listed below as an insight into a man’s mind for this is what we could gather from a few men when they were asked to spill the beans.

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Watch out for the things listed below that will make you the astounding and stupendous girlfriend

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1. ‘The Space’

Men often give up on the girls who make them feel suffocated and are too clingy. Let him breathe for God sake. Give your partner some space in the relationship and stop being the over-protective parasite.

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2. Always the truth

Be honest with him and don’t try hiding stuff. Hiding and lying often makes the situation worse. Tell him everything honestly and make him a part of your life and thoughts. Share your feelings and speak the truth about how you feel. ‘We can’t read minds’, all men.

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3. Respect

Respect is a two way deal. If you expect respect then learn to respect him and his feelings. Don’t demean your partner or try to bring him down.

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4. Independent

Most men want someone who is independent of her actions and decisions, the one who can stand for herself and the one who is not a burden on him. Stand for yourself and independent of your work.

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5. Just chill

Be witty and joke around with him but also take the jokes which he throws at you. Don’t be mad at him for his humor. Be chill and just go with the flow. Be easy-peasy babe!

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You don’t have to change yourself girl but just pay a little attention to these points and make him drool over you!

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