Things Girls Say and What They Really Mean

Things Girls Say and What They Really Mean

We girls are a little different that guys. We have a different way of looking at life and so, we perceive things differently. As per Science, men and women tend to have different psychological reactions to a lot of things. Women are more emotional than men, but also that women are emotionally stronger than men. And amidst these differences, lies a major one – Our way of conveying what we want to say!

Where men like to be crystal clear about their thoughts, women expect men to understand their unclear words. And this thesaurus game gets rolling especially when we’re annoyed, we want you to become hyper active and solve the mysteries behind our anger.

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Tighten your seat belts people, here’s presenting.

5 toxic terms from the girl’s vocabulary

1. The Illusion – “Okay, do what you want.”

No, wait. Stop right there and do not move. When she says do what you want, you have landed yourself in trouble. It’s an illusion. You heard it right but definitely understood it all wrong. That’s just not okay.

Things Girls Say and What They Really Mean

2. The Dilemma – “Nothing”

Did you ask her what’s wrong? I mean, why did you ask what’s wrong. You should have figured that out yourself. Really, you can’t even understand what’s wrong with me. You know what – Nothing!

Things Girls Say and What They Really Mean

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3. The Warning Alert – “Are you listening?”

Honestly what do you think were you doing when she was talking to you? And now what do you expect of her to forgive you for not paying attention to her absolutely unimportant talks. Dude, are you listening?

Things Girls Say and What They Really Mean

4. The Hidden Lie – “Fine”

When a girl says fine, it means it’s just not fine or that it can be fine but not fine, may be fine later, but definitely not fine right now. When she says ‘Fine’, she mean “just not fine”. Is that Fine with you?

Things Girls Say and What They Really Mean

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5. The Deadly – “We need to talk”

The moment she says we need to talk, recall every single thing you have done wrong. In fact, recall every single thing you have actually done at all. You see ‘We need to talk’ is a myth. There ain’t gonna be any talks.

Things Girls Say and What They Really Mean

Here’s  a Bonus – The Loud Sigh

This can be fatal. It’s better you start running for life. The loud sigh is an indication that you are going to get a doze. Run! As fast as you can!

Things Girls Say and What They Really Mean

So, the list doesn’t end here. Women are just so amazing in curating new words and their interpretations that you wouldn’t just realize when you get hit by such toxic terms. After all, women are not meant to be understood, they are just meant to be loved.

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