5 Things I Wish Men Understood About Having A Vagina

Vagina also called as the Vulva is delicate and very complex to understand. Female reproductive system is not an easy thing to understand as things get complicated very fast. One of the most rewarding thing in life is sex and when done correctly can improve relationship and makes you happy (Happy feeling). Men need to understand what a women goes through while having sex and how vagina reacts to sexual intercourse.

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Here are 5 Things I Wish Men Understood About Having A Vagina.

1. Just like Men, Women also get erect

When a man get’s aroused his penis swells with blood whereas when a women is turned on, blood flows to her clitoris* and swells, It becomes very sensitive to touch.

Clitoris* is a small round nub just above where the two inner lips meet.

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2. Understand the purpose of Clitoris

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Clitoris is considered as the only organ that solely exists for pleasure and to make a women feel good. Biologically clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings (Did you know that ?).

The little nub is very sensitive and it’s suggested to try different positions during foreplay and intercourse to stimulate the clitorial tissure.

Did you know facts: Clitoris has a body and two legs that extend within the body and run alongside pubic bone.

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3. Vaginal Lubrication

Most of the men never knew that women can be aroused without having any wetness. In start of relationship women lubricate really quick because all the hormones rush through her body just like yours. As your relationships gets stronger and those chemicals start to decrease over time. While most of the women are capable of lubricating naturally but due to antihistamines, birth control and age, vaginal lubrication becomes very difficult.

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4. Did you find the G-spot?

While people doubt about G-spot existence, others have found the exact location. G-spot has been a controversial subject in gynecology, and an area of glands near urethra side of vaginal wall.

Let me make it very clear, G-spot is an area in the vagina that gives a woman most pleasure. G-spot is not a spot to find and fit in your instruments. It varies from woman to woman, where woman find more pleasure.

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Here’s how you find G-spot: Before finding the most pleasurable spot for a woman make sure your hands are clean. Lubricate and insert fingers of dominant hand with palm facing upwards into vagina. Don’t stop until you reach the cervix, rub the vaginal wall where woman feels most stimulating. Add more pressure gradually and enjoy the adventure.

Try different things and find what your partner wants as every person will have pleasure from different things.

5. Vaginal hair removal is not easy

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Most men prefer a clean shaven “vulva” but vaginal hair removal is not easy for us. Imagine the pain when your most delicate part is hot waxed to pull the hair from root. Understand the pain we go through for your satisfaction. Don’t force your partner to shave and be excited that you are invited for the adventure.

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