How To Have A Healthy Vagina

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All of us get worried about keeping our intimate parts clean and healthy. A healthy vagina makes us comfortable and at ease when it comes to get any kind of infection or disease. Vagina is a sensitive part of our body, this little friend of ours needs a care and love. If you are not paying attention already-

Here are a few ways to have a Healthy Vagina

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1. Be gentle

Wash your intimate area with warm water. Avoid using harsh soaps and body wash that can harm you down there. Scented and harsh soaps can fiddle with the natural pH balance. Use mild cleansers and avoid too much scrubbing. Use natural soaps.

2. Maintain a healthy diet

Take yogurt and fruits like cranberries. Drink plenty of fluids and keep your diet as balanced as possible.

3. Careful clothing

Healthy Vagina
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Keep the clothing dry and clean. Prefer wearing cotton underwear to avoid moisture and growth of bacteria. Cotton panties help your vagina to breathe.

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4. Go commando

Healthy Vagina
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It’s always a good idea to go without your underwear at times. You can avoid wearing them at home or while sleeping at night.

5. Maintain hygiene during that time of the month

Healthy Vagina
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Proper hygiene is required during your period. Change your pad frequently to avoid any infection. Wash it off at regular intervals to keep it clean down there.

6. Shave it

Shave off or wax the intimate area to keep it clean, avoiding moisture and hence avoiding bacteria to build up.

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7. Kegal exercises


Healthy Vagina
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Kejal exercise pelvic floor helps you strengthen pelvic muscles and help you avoid issues like urinary incontinence and helps in bladder control.

8. Visit the gynecologist

Healthy Vagina
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A visit to your gynecologist at least once every year is a must. It helps you know more about the health of your vagina and ensure if you are clear of any kind of diseases or infections.

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