6 Crazy Things Girls Do While Driving

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Women are better drivers than males. We’re better at multi-tasking, we’re better at being in control and that automatically reflects on our driving too. I really don’t know why it is so generic to say that we, women, drive badly. Irrespective of all that, women make the whole  driving experience special because we have some very peculiar things we do while we drive that makes the onlookers wonder with surprise.

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Prepare yourself for this reality as all women do some of these things while they drive

1. Speakers on Blast

We love the sound of some good music when we’re behind the wheel. It is so much better than the honking noises. And to no surprise, we pleasantly dance to this music too! Look at us all you want but we ain’t stopping.

Things Girls Do While Driving
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2. Lipstick? Check!

We might be running late to office or for a party and the rear view mirror comes in handy every time! Stop at a red light, fix the mirror and daunt your favourite lipstick to enter every event looking on point. Sometimes, you’ll even find us fixing our kohl and touching up our blush in the car!

Things Girls Do While Driving
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3. Boys!

No, we don’t ‘do’ boys in the car but we’re pretty sneaky when it comes to subtly checking out some hotties while on the wheel. We might even give them a brow and a smirk, if need be.

Things Girls Do While Driving
Source: Buzzfeed.com

4. Breakfast Time

This comes from my very personal experience. I eat my breakfast in the car everyday. It is like my favourite café on wheels. Mommy packs me food, I rev up the engine and shoot with apples in my hand.

Things Girls Do While Driving
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5. Some Selfies

Do we really need an excuse to take pictures of ourselves? Yes, we’re self-loathed creatures  and we love what we are so do not freak out if you find us with our Snapchat on and the doggie filter on filter.

Things Girls Do While Driving
Source: Giphy.com

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6. Mind the Tongue

Yes, we lose our temper fairly. We do not like it when men show their superiority while they overtake us. We hate it when some douches try and cross us rashly and it is times like these when we forget everything our mothers taught us and our father’s sharp tongue sets in. *Beep* B!@#$%^d, C*^%$#a and the list is endless. Blabbering everything we know, we let go off the frustration only to find our inner chi back.

Things Girls Do While Driving
Source: PerezHilton

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We might look like the ‘dainty’ ones but we’re absolutely badass!

Have a driving story to tell us? I’d love to hear all about it!