5 Reasons Why A Girl Always Needs Her MOM

Have you ever thought why your mom always supports you and why she is so caring? Mom is your best friend and will always be with you no matter what the situation is. Mom will always want you to stay young and will always love you.

You might ask what your did for you but don’t forget she was there for you during your first day of school, your first heart break, and many things. You always forget contribution a mother makes to make you happy. She will be there for your wedding and also take care of your kids. Always remember, there is one person is life who will always get you out of chaotic situations, it’s your MOM.

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Here are 5 Reasons Why A Girl Always Needs Her MOM

1. Who will gossip with her?

No matter how much she gossips with her friends and group of friends around but she will always need a girl to talk 24*7*365.

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2. She is your first teacher

One person who knows everything about life and how to deal with different situations in life. Whether it is cooking after marriage or career advice, she is always find the best solutions for all your problems.

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3. She misses your call 

From the day you are born, she knows one day you will be gone. She knows you will not call like before because you will be busy with your life, work, kids and everything. Girl, now it’s your turn to call her and ask about her comfort. She will not share her problems with you for sure but she will feel loved when her kids call her.

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4. Who’s your #1 fan?

Remember the first person who whistle’d when you won first prize in dance competition? Your up’s and down’s, she has supported you all through and boosted your moral.

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5. Because, She is your MOM

One day, she might not be there for your call. You will never know what your last conversation with your loved one will be.

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