5 Signs That You Shouldn’t Have Broken Up With Him

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Break-ups are the worst. Especially when you know you’d found your soulmate. But life goes on and we move on. In this career paced world we hardly cling on someone apart from us.

But here’s a question, have you ever regretted breaking up with your ex? There are minimal chances of a positive answer to that question but again if it’s yes from you here are the 5 signs that you shouldn’t have broken up with him.

1. He was the one!

Okay, that’s very rare when you know that he was the one. Fitting up in all your celebrity/fictional characters, he had somehow grabbed your attention and made you fall in love with the reality. And you were happy to give him a chance setting aside your endless expectations for once.

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2. Whether you loved it or not, he loved you in all your moods!

It’s true we are moody af and there’s no denying this fact. It’s very rare that we find a guy who tolerates us in our every mood. Right from the girly shopping binge mood to the *I don’t think this is working anymore* mood. Trust me we all have been there. But lady if he loved you even after such a dramatic explosion of yours, he was a keeper.

3. He took care of you, not to forget even your family loved him

In this world, trying to impress your parents is a kinda tough job you know. But girl if he managed to garner the white flags from your family, he was the one. Even your parents loved him, not forget your annoying little brother was his buddy and even your dog loved to see him.

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4. Majority of your fights were put to an end on his initiation

He was the one who used to put his ego aside and show the white flag to mend things between you both. He used to apologize even though sometimes it was you who needed to initiate and apologize to him. He was never out ways to make you feel all loved and cared. Well, honestly he was a gem you just lost.

5. He had become the lender of your last resort *literally*

You had it sorted since you guys became a thing. If any problems had arisen he became your knight in shining armor. Right from a broken phone to the dead battery of your car, he helped you through it all. He even missed out his plans just to be with you. He loved you in ways no one can never do.


All in all, if it’s mendable and if it’s still redeemable, Go get your man back! He is the one and will be for the rest of your life.

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